2020 Program

Creating Living Worlds – workshops and training Pitch Sessions Workshops
900 Gillian Polack Building Worlds
1000 Panel – Katie Taylor Writing Characters Like They’re People Working with an Editor – Cath Brinkley
1100 Panel – Katie Taylor, Mary Pomfret Female outcast and orphaned heroine – time for a change? Pitch Session 1
1200 Lunch
1400 Panel – Susan Steggall, Gillian Polack, Sarah Dowse, Marian Halligan Writing History and Politics in Fiction
1500 Carly Findlay Writing ABOUT every one, FOR every one. Pitch Session 2 Felicity Banks Interactive Fiction Workshop
1900 Dinner Fireside Chat
Creatively Living in the Real World Pitch Sessions Workshops
900 Cath Brinkley Working with publishers
1000 Kerri Dickman-Selby – Necia Warne Getting set up as a creative – ABNs, Accounts and the ATO
1100 Panel -Katie Taylor, Ginger Gorman – TBC  Canberra – a literary town? Pitch Session 3
1200 Lunch
1300 Panel -Robyn Cadwallader, Alison Booth – TBC Empowering real people  through fiction Pitch Session 4 From book to screen – the process.
1400 Panel  – Ginger Gorman, Biff Ward, Carly Findlay Authors working for change through their writing
1500 Panel – Sarah Dowse, Marion Halligan, Gillian Polack – TBC How we wrote about Canberra and Politics in our fiction
1600 Panel – Kaaron Warren Dark Canberra – Is there more Horror in Truth or Fiction?
1700 Closing Function