Canberra Women’s Writers Festival

The Canberra Women’s Writers Festival 2020 is up and running!

Lock in March 28-29 in your diary, and book your travel!
While specific program sessions will be finalised in a couple of weeks I can tell you that there will be

  • Pitching sessions,
  • Great debates,
  • Panels,
  • QnA sessions,
  • Dinner with a mystery host and special guest
  • Chat sessions
  • Professional development talks.

Our guests include (some to be confirmed, some still to be announced)

  • Carly Finlay
  • Ginger Gorman
  • Susan Steggall
  • Kaaron Warren
  • Gillian Polack
  • Biff Ward
  • Sara Dowse
  • Karen Viggers
  • Katie Taylor

Thank you every one for your interest and support.
Its going to be amazing!